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Afternoon Light

Health Yourself Fair

With DIY Wellness

The Health Yourself DIY-Wellness Fair is organized by a group of friends who came together to share health resources. This event is a fundraiser for the Wellness Forum Foundation, a 501c3 charity committed to protecting health choices and health providers.

Thanks for checking us out. Come and have fun while you learn how to get healthy and stay well!

Why Naturopathy

Come to the Health Yourself Fair  --Get Healthy and Have fun

Water Drops
Fruit Branch

Find Healthy Products

  • Tiani Body Care

  • Norwex Home Products

  • Juice Plus

The Doctor is In!

  • Dr. Kabisch

Try it Out

Try out

  • Centropix Kloud  with Karyn Kokeny

  • Hand Sauna with Jan Mcvey

Find Fitness

  • Restore Hyper Wellness

  • NeuroFitness Center 

Find Healthy Services

  • Total Performance Physical Therapy


Find Healing

  • Verapose Wellness Cooperative

  • Lifewave X39

Save $$

Find health coverage with the Dayney Agency

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Spinach Leaves

How to get to the Health Yourself Fair
at Weber's Inn, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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