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Spinach Leaves

Come to the Health Yourself Fair
Find out how to get healthy & stay well
with our Health Partners

Why Naturopathy

Meet the Health Partners who will help you Get Healthy and Have fun

Crystal Salt

Try it Out


with Jan McVey

Experience a unique heat therapy device that delivers oxygen and nutrients and removes toxins at the cell level giving the body what it needs to stay well.


For a Healthy You

Total Performance_Wordmark - Color (1).jpg

Total Performance Physical Therapy provides top notch physical therapy, sports rehab, and performance training services to people of all ages and abilities to help them achieve their health, wellness, and performance goals. We pride ourselves on our 1 on 1, patient-focused, comprehensive approach that allows us to provide the highest quality of care for each person who walks in our door. At the Health Yourself Fair, anyone who signs up for an assessment will receive 15% off! We look forward to meeting everyone!



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Healthy Nutrition

Juice Plus+

 with Linda Spina

Bridge the Gap Juice Plus+ Plant Based Nutrition with Linda Spina We all try to eat plenty of fruits and veggies every day, but life happens. Come learn how our plant based products provide the essential nutrients every day—-even for that picky eater!


Phone: 3142213833


Healthy Self Care

LifeWave X39

with Yvonne Williamson


LifeWave X39 is a non-transdermal patch which reflects your body’s own light back into your body resulting in improvement in energy, sleep, reduced inflammation, rapid relief from bodily discomfort, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, enhanced sports performance and mental clarity, just to name a few.


Phone: 7346583920



Have a Healthy Home

Norwex Healthy Home Products

with Laurie Cameron

Norwex products improve quality of life by radically reducing harmful chemicals in our homes. Cleaner, safer, better.


Phone: 810-923-5894


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Try it Out


with Karyn Kokeny


Try out the Kloud, an advanced Wellness PEMF device. 

See and learn about Centropix e-smog protection devices for your body and home.


Woman on Kloud device_2023.jpg

Healthy Local Foods
The Hungry Locavore

with Ryan Poe


The Hungry Locavore is a local food project designed to benefit our local community, our local businesses and our environment. Our mission is to connect our hungry locavore customers to the most local, fresh and wholesome food that we can find and in doing so, support our local economy and protect our home planet.


In essence, we are a CSAA (Community Shared Agriculture & Artisans). 

Healthy Energy Care

Crysterra Wellness

Andrea Astley



Certified Clinical Reflexologist

RYT Certified Yoga Instructor

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

Certified Lithotherapy Practitioner 

Located upstairs @Verapose Yoga House

Drawing for a free Reflexology session when joining email list.

Get Covered


Dayney Agency

Health, Life, Medicare Solutions


Tim Dayney

I will be there to answer questions about the Healthcare insurance options in our country. I will focus on the Private off "Marketplace" options for cash patients and holistic care.


Rainy Day

Healthy Body Care

Tiani Body Care

with Violet Raterman

Soap Inventory

We are a plant based skin care company in Dexter, Michigan. We make an large variety of household, bath, haircare and everyday natural products for sensitive skin. Our storefront is located in downtown Dexter and our products are found in several health food stores in the area.




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Healthy Self Care

Restore Hyper Wellness

with Rachael Elliot

Only Restore delivers a system of total balance, energy and proactive healing that allows you to feel your best, reach your full potential and do more of what you love. We do this through use of the 9 elements of Hyper Wellness.

We believe in nurturing the body and leveraging strategic, controlled stressors inspired by nature. Our methodology helps empower your body to do what it was designed to do with as little intervention as possible.

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Healthy Doctor Care
Thomas Kabisch, DO, MDh

Doctor's Desk

Dr. Thomas F. Kabisch is a family medicine doctor in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He received his medical degree from A.T. Still University, School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He works in Ann Arbor, MI and specializes in Addiction Medicine, Family Medicine and Public Health & General Preventive Medicine.

Spinach Leaves

Healthy Starts Here

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